Weather Station

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The Weather Station is a scouting location found in the New Home scenario.

Search For The Others, Weather Station[edit | edit source]

Before Arrival: A tall building with some peculiar devices on the roof. It's most likely a weather station set up by the scientists from Winterhome.

During Arrival: There's nobody in the weather station, but everything still seems to be operational. We could try to find out what the scientists from Winterhome were working on.

Grim forecast: We found scientists' notes. They predict that the great cold is going to get much worse. What's more troubling is that the observations ended abruptly months ago. There's also not a can of spam, not even a crumb of bread left in the pantry. It's obvious they've moved out for good.

We can see the city of Winterhome from the roof of the weather station.

After Arrival: The station where we found the notes made by the Winterhome scientists studying the endless winter.