The Storm (Arc)

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The Storm is an event arc in A New Home. It follows the final hurdle of New London in the scenario.

The storm hits the city[edit | edit source]

The storm - The storm hits the city.png

This event triggers when the storm arrives. There are two flavours. If you do not meet your stockpile needs, this version will trigger:

A howling gale bursts upon the city and the Generator creaks and groans under the weight of the wind. Pale faces turn towards rattling windows; trembling lips utter words of prayer.

The cold will be brutal. Hunting is impossible. The soil in the Hothouses will freeze. We'll have to make do with the food we've stockpiled.

If you do finish that objective in time, this version will trigger:

Howling winds descend on the city and all communications with the outside world are cut off.

We did what we could. Now we have to wait and pray we've done enough.

You have the following options:

  • We will do what we can

Frozen family[edit | edit source]

The Storm - Frozen family.png

This event can trigger if your housing is too cold during the storm. It has two variations, although it is uncertain what differentiates them.

Sir, the family living in this house... They're all dead. They were found in one bed, the kids squeezed between the parents, covered with all the clothing they had.

The wind damaged their house and all the exits were either frozen shut or blocked by snow. Apparently nobody heard their cries and banging on the doors over the howling wind.

Sir, the family living in this house... They're all dead. They were found huddled in tight places: under the beds, behind wardrobes, next to each other, some partially undressed. All of them froze to death.

You have the following options:

  • May they rest in peace

Darkness before dawn[edit | edit source]

The Storm - Darkness before dawn.png

This event will trigger during the last few days of the storm.

Sir, one of our engineers has come crashing through the door, white-faced, demanding to see you.

"I've run the calculations with the new data. The storm will pass in a couple of days. But... the temperature just before the end will drop drastically!" Nothing can protect us from such cold. Panic is starting to spread and people are losing all hope.

You have the following options:

  • We have to stay strong