The Orthodox (Arc)

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The Orthodox is a series of events that will trigger after you pass New Faith. At least one person will always die at the completion of this event.

Defender of the old faith[edit | edit source]

Defender of the old Faith.png

After passing New Faith, you'll be presented with this event.

Sir, there's a rumour about a preacher who has the gall to openly question your vision.

According to our informant, he's already attracted several followers, and together they've been heard repeatedly saying, "We are children of God. Our Captain is wrong to put himself above all others." Views like these threaten our unity.

You have the following options:

  • Keep an eye on him

Unrest in the street[edit | edit source]

Unrest in the street.png

Several days after the first event, you'll be presented with this one.

Sir, the troublesome preacher is speaking in the street! An angry crowd is gathering, but his followers are there, ready to defend him.

He keeps returning to the same declaration: "The 'New Faith' is just tyranny in disguise. He who worships the Captain turns his back on God!" Our people won't take this insult lightly.

You have the following options:

  • I trust my people: The preacher may be killed
  • Send the faith keepers to protect the peace: People may get hurt. Discontent will rise

Enemies of the Faith arrested[edit | edit source]

Enemies of the faith arrested.png

A few hours after the second event, this one will trigger if you chose "Send the Faith Keepers to protect the peace"

Our Faith Keepers have dispersed the crowd and arrested the preacher and his followers. What should we do with these wretches?

You have the following options:

  • Let them go free: Discontent will rise
  • Give them a chance to repent: Public Penance will be used. People may get hurt

Victory for the faithful[edit | edit source]

If you chose "I trust my people" in the last decision, this one will trigger after a few hours.

Captain, a crowd of the faithful has clashed with the preacher and his followers and beaten many of them up. After being knocked out by a heavy blow, their leader was handed over to the Faith Keepers.

They found a letter to you on him: "Sir, I believe that you do what you think is necessary. But don't damn our souls to save our lives. Be our leader, not our shepherd. See the light and return to God."

You have the following options:

  • I see

The enemy of the Faith is dead[edit | edit source]

The enemy of the faith is dead.png

If you chose "Let them go free," this event will trigger.

Sir, someone has killed the preacher you ordered us to release

You have the following options:

  • I see

The preacher is dead[edit | edit source]

If you chose "I trust my people," this event will trigger.

Sir! Before the preacher regained consciousness, someone smothered him with a pillow. Nobody saw or heard anything.

You have the following options:

  • I see

Unrepentant fool[edit | edit source]

If you chose "Give them a chance to repent," this event will trigger.

The Faith Keepers report that the preacher has died in their custody, abandoned by his followers, who have seen the error of their ways.

We gave him a chance to return to the true Faith, but he was unrepentant. "My death is a small price to pay for a chance to save you all," he said. "Let my sacrifice open your hearts to God."

You have the following options:

  • I see