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Temporary Hazards are random events in Endless mode. They are enabled or disabled when setting the difficulty of the scenario.

Each hazard will occur as an event followed by a quest that will last for several days and autocomplete when its timer expires.

Description[edit | edit source]

Temporary Hazards are long running events that usually cripple production in some manner, essentially forcing the player to avoid that method of production while the hazard is in place. These can be debilitating if the player does not diversify production in the city.

It is possible to save scum through Temporary Hazards if you have a save point that occurs before the hazard. This allows the player to fish for a more desirable hazard.

Types[edit | edit source]

There are 13 different types of Temporary Hazards, each with the same probability of occurring.

Generator Congestion[edit | edit source]

A combination of contaminated coal and high airbourne ice intake have caused a congestion deep inside the Generator. Until it clears, the Generator will use twice as much Coal than usual.

Brittle Steel[edit | edit source]

Due to fluctuations in wind speed and temperature, a batch of steel has cooled faster than expected. Every new construction will require more steel to attain the desired strength.

Steam Cores Seizing[edit | edit source]

The wild weather brought an unexpected effect. Airbourne ice crystals penetrated the lubrication systems of all steam cores. The efficiency of all steam core buildings and automatons will be reduced by 90%.

Frozen Ground[edit | edit source]

The unpredictable weather has caused a temporary setback. Due to temperature fluctuations, the ground froze deeper than usual. Gathering Posts and Coal Thumpers will work at 10% efficiency.

Clogged Pipes[edit | edit source]

Sir, our steam distribution network has become clogged. We raised the pressure slightly to clear the blockages, but for some time all heat zones will be 20% smaller.

Strong Winds[edit | edit source]

The weather is trying to do us in again. Owing to large atmospheric pressure gradients, strong winds are predicted. All scout teams and transports will have to travel at half speed.

Treacherous Cold[edit | edit source]

Sir, our people are reporting that they’re feeling unwell after only a short stay in low temperatures. Beware of the cold! Everyone can fall ill much more easily.

Animal Migration[edit | edit source]

The worsening weather has caused the game animals to seek shelter in new places. Until the hunters can find a new habitat in which to hunt, they will be bringing in 90% less Raw Food.

Rotting Roots[edit | edit source]

The sudden weather change has overwhelmed the environmental controls of our hothouses. As a result, the roots of the plants have rotted. Until they regrow, the hothouses will work at only 10% efficiency.

Frozen Coal deposits[edit | edit source]

The last storm has caused a serious problem. Due to sudden weather changes, ice has covered all Coal deposits. All Coal-producing facilities will work at 30% efficiency.

Food Shortage[edit | edit source]

A spell of bad weather with sudden temperature changes has forced game animals to seek shelter in new places, while at the same time overwhelming the environmental controls of our Hothouses. All Raw Food sources will have reduced outputs.

Cold Furnaces[edit | edit source]

The last storm covered all the furnaces with a thick layer of ice, causing a dramatic fall in the efficiency of Steel production facilities in the city. All Steelworks will be 70% less efficient.

Fractured Wood[edit | edit source]

Due to rapid temperature changes, some of the trees have cracked. Until our workers sort this out, all Wood-producing facilities will be 70% less efficient.