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The Technology Tree is one of the Game Mechanics in Frostpunk.

Description[edit | edit source]

Upon construction of a workshop, engineers may be assigned to research and develop ideas on new buildings and technological improvements. Technological Improvement has the general effects of boosting exploration, improving insulation in the home/workplace, increasing resource gathering rates and upgrading the power/efficiency of heating sources. Technological development is crucial to building a viable city, sound planning and prioritization of technologies will prevent crises and allow a greater level of adaptation and manageability when challenges present themselves. Some technologies may be required to be researched in some scenarios to be able to finish objectives. Some technologies may also be 'found' or entirely absent depending on the scenario played.

The ''Tech Tree'' itself is presented visually (upon first workshop construction) to provide a high level of clarity regarding the interrelation of technologies and the order in which each 'branch' must be researched. In addition to this the tree is organised into tiers 0-5, the tiers must be unlocked by researching them and provide no direct benefits themselves but enable ever more advanced technologies to be acquired. The tiers function as an independent additional branch, requiring the previous tier to be unlocked. The following tree represents workshop tiers on the left side and techs unlocked by this tier are shown on the same row to the right of the tier mention. The following graph also displays the 4 tabs offered by the tech tree, each tab provides options and upgrades to different sectors of the city. The upgrades in each tab are unaffected by upgrades in other tabs although the tiers apply to the whole tree. Having multiple manned workshops will increase research rate but not necessarily in a linear fashion, using children as engineering apprentices will also provide an additional boost. Automatons may also operate a workshop non-stop if upgraded to do so.

Technology Tree[edit | edit source]

Generator Construction[edit | edit source]

Workshop (T0)
Profiles Manufacture
Drawing Boards (T1)
Protective Structures
Machine Shop
Ventilation Plant
Drafting Machines (T2)
Optimised Materials
Mechanical Calculators (T3)
Safety Improvements
Optimised Protection
Innovative Process
Safety Improvements
Ventilation Plant Cooling
Efficient Fans
Difference Engine (T4)
Safety Improvements
Redesigned Templates
Advanced Supercharge
Automatic Prototyping (T5)
Ventilation Plant Integration
High Flow Fans

Heating[edit | edit source]

This tech tab provides improvements to the Generator, Steam Hubs and Heaters.

Workshop (T0)
Steam Hub
Repair Station
Drawing Boards (T1)
Generator Power Upgrade I
Generator Range Upgrade I
Drafting Machines (T2)
Steam Hub Range Upgrade II
Generator Efficiency Upgrade
Overdrive Couplings
Improved Heaters
Repair Station Efficiency I
Emergency Repair
Mechanical Calculators (T3)
Generator Power Upgrade II
Generator Range Upgrade II
Heater Efficiency Upgrade
Difference Engine (T4)
Steam Hub Efficiency Upgrade
Generator Efficiency Upgrade II
Advanced Heaters
Optimised Shifts
Repair Station Efficiency II
Automatic Prototyping (T5)
Generator Power Upgrade III
Generator Safety Bypass
Generator Range Upgrade III
Repair Station Efficiency III
Emergency Repair II

Exploration & Industry[edit | edit source]

Options in this tree tab allows exploration of Frostland, as well as improving scouting, Outposts and the Factory.

Workshop (T0)
Beacon: Stereoscopic Lenses
Drawing Boards (T1)
Automaton Scouts
More Scouts
Drafting Machines (T2)
Outpost Depot
Lighter Scout Sleds
Mechanical Calculators (T3)
Streamlined Prostheses
Streamlined Automatons
Automaton Integration
Difference Engine (T4)
Faster Outpost Teams
Additional Scouts
Optimized Prostheses
Automaton Integration II
Medical Automatons
Engineer Automaton
Automatic Prototyping (T5)
Boosted Scout Sleds
Automaton Redesign
Automaton Integration III
Medical Automaton Integration

Resources[edit | edit source]

This tech tab provides options to improve resources gather rate and workplace insulation.

Workshop (T0)
Faster Gathering
Coal Thumper
Drawing Boards (T1)
Faster Reloading
Reloading Station
Resource Depot Upgrade
Coal Mining
Charcoal Kiln
Sawmill Upgrade
Wall Drill
Drafting Machines (T2)
Upgraded Docks
Gathering Post Insulation
Large Resource Depot
Steam Coal Thumper
Coal Mining Optimisation
Charcoal Kiln Thermostat
Steam Sawmill
Steam Steelworks
Mechanical Calculators (T3)
Steam Reloading Station
Efficient Gathering
Steam Coal Mine
Charcoal Kiln Bellows
Steam Wall Drill
Difference Engine (T4)
Advanced Docks
Gathering Optimisation
Gathering Post Insulation II
Coal Mining Rationalisation
Sawmill Range Extension
Advanced Steelworks
Automatic Prototyping (T5)
Advanced Reloading Station
Coal Thumper Injectors
Advanced Coal Mine
Advanced Wall Drill

Food, Health & Shelter[edit | edit source]

This tech tab provides improvements to food gathering, upgrading of shelter/medical facility insulation and the effectiveness of medical treatment.

Workshop (T0)
Foragers Quarters
Hunters' Gear
Drawing Boards (T1)
More Foragers
Forager Carts
Fishing Harbour
Medical Post Upgrade
Drafting Machines (T2)
Finer Mesh
Hothouse Insulation
Hunting Tactics
Flying Hunters
Healthcare Insulation
Cookhouse Insulation
Mechanical Calculators (T3)
Additional Foragers
Industrial Hothouse
Infirmary Mechanisation
Difference Engine (T4)
Boosted Forager Carts
Advanced Fishing Harbour
Hothouse Insulation II
Flying Hunters' Gear
Infirmary Checklists
House Redesign
Automatic Prototyping (T5)
Hothouse Selection
Healthcare Insulation II
House Insulation

Unique Technologies[edit | edit source]

Unique technologies refer to technologies that are exclusively available or unavailable depending on the scenario played. These include the following:

Exclusively Available[edit | edit source]
Exclusively Unavailable[edit | edit source]

Some other techs can be randomly unlocked by scouting locations in different scenarios, if said locations offer tech drops.

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