Sturdy Shelter

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The Sturdy Shelter is a scouting location found in the New Home scenario.

Search For The Others, Sturdy Shelter[edit | edit source]

Before Arrival: A bulky cylindrical construction stands on a small hill. The Union Jack flies over it, but there's no sign of movement.

During Arrival: The shelter is well supplied and built to withstand even the worst weather. An advanced steam heating system protects it from the cold.

The trail leads to another city!: The shelter is comfortable and well equipped with emergency supplies. There's a notice posted by the heavy round door. "To all scientists: If you use any supplies, remember to notify the quartermaster upon your return to the city." This means there's another city out there!

A signpost by the trail points in two directions: "London: 1934 miles, home: 27 miles".

After Arrival: A shelter built for scientists and explorers from another city. We've taken all the supplies from it.