Steam Hub Efficiency Upgrade (Technology)

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Steam Hub Efficiency Upgrade
Steam Hub Efficiency Upgrade.png
Steam Hubs will burn 33% less Coal.
Tier 4
Easy 9 hours
Medium 11 hours
Hard 15 hours
Extreme 17 hours
Prerequisite Steam Hub Range Upgrade II
Wood.png Wood 50
Steel.png Steel 30

Steam Hub Efficiency Upgrade is one of the Technologies in Frostpunk.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Steam Hubs will burn 33% less Coal. This means it reduces the fuel cost of Steam Hubs to 2 Coal per hour at 1 Range, and 4 Coal per hour at 2 Range.

Cost: 50 Wood, 30 Steel

Research time varies by difficulty. See the Workshop for ways to increase your research rate.