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Scouting is one of the Game Mechanics in Frostpunk. See Scouts for the Class type.

Quests / Missions[edit | edit source]

This data is taken from a single playthrough in the preview version. It may not be entirely accurate.

   lost expedition >sturdy shelter >Steel Bridge >Weather Station >Winterhome  >America Camp >Temporary settlement >fishing village >Tesla city | 
                   >gloomy cave XX               >Large Convoy XX >Coal Mine XX                                    >walled colony XX             |
                                                                               >snow cliff   >freshwater springs   >Frozen Grove XX              |
                                                                                             >shrouded cave XX                                   |
   ** Tesla City ** > dreadnought  >Ice Corridor      >ice dreadnought >sawmill     >covered supp     >ruined warehouse XX
                                   >research station  >Cave Hideout    >frozen pond ?? >stone ship XX
                                                                       >Vehicle  ??
   pre storm!
   ice crevasse--->camp vulcan --->jagged rocks
   deep hollow --->camp compass--->ice caves
                                  >fortified hut
   snow burrows--->Camp Meteor --->scattered convoy
                                  >large crater

Scout locations 'A New Home'[edit | edit source]

Location Rewards Discovers
New London Your City
Lost Expedition Survivors (Children (4), Engineers (9), Workers (22)) / 2 Workers will die if leave them to go city Crash Site, Sturdy Shelter
Gloomy Cave Survivors (Children (4), Engineers (18), Workers (11), Risk (Scouts, RNG not seeded))
Sturdy Shelter Food (102), Wood (216), Steam-cores(1) Steel Bridge
Steel Bridge Survivors(Automaton or Steel(85)/Steam-cores(2)) Weather Station, Large Convoy
Weather Station Coal(91)/Steam-cores(1) Winterhome, Coal Mine
Winterhome Quest objective / "We're On Our Own" Unlock Order/Faith and (Hope v/Discontent), Outpost (Wood) Freshwater Springs, American Camp
Snow Cliff Rations (98), Wood (61), Steam-core (1) Shrouded Cave
Freshwater Springs Survivors (Children (7), Workers (22)) Frozen Grove, Snow Cliff
Shrouded Cave Survivors (Children (34))
Frozen Grove Wood(258)
Large Convoy Survivors (Engineers(18), Workers(26)
Coal Mine Leave intact (Coal (263), Outpost (Coal)) or dismantle (Wood (279), Steam-core (2), loss of Outpost)
Crash Site Wood (149), Raw-Food (45)
American Camp Steel (65), Steam-core(1) Temporary Settlement
Observatory Survivors (Children (4), Engineers (19), Workers (12) Gloomy Cave
Temporary Settlement Wood (216), Steam-core (1) Walled Colony, Fishing Village
Walled Colony Also Exile Colony; Survivors (Children (7), Engineers (18), Workers (36))
Fishing Village Leave intact (Steam-core (2), Outpost (Food)) or dismantle(Wood (279), Steam-cores(2), loss of Outpost) Tesla City
Tesla City Risks Scouts on entry gain Outpost(Steam-core (1) daily) Dreadnought Landing
Dreadnought Landing Steel (128), Wood (116) Steam-core (1) Research Station, Ice Corridor
Ice Corridor Stepping stone (nothing) Icebound Dreadnought
Research Station Steel (72), Wood (140), Steam-cores (2) Cave Hideout
Cave Hideout Talk (Workers (35)) or Attack (Kills (35)) Frozen Pond, Wrecked Vehicle
Frozen Pond
Wrecked Vehicle Coal (137), Steel (86)
Icebound Dreadnought Steel (128), Wood (213), Steam-core (2), Outpost (Steel) Abandoned Sawmill
Abandoned Sawmill Wood (258) Snow-Covered Supplies, Stone Ship
Snow-Covered Supplies Raw-Food (53) Ruined Warehouse
Stone Ship Nothing to do here
Ruined Warehouse Wood (173), Food (53)
Ice Crevasse Survivors (Workers (12), Children (7)) Camp Vulcan
Deep Hollow Survivors (Workers (11), Children (7)) Camp Compass
Snow Burrows Survivors (Workers (12), Children (7) Camp Meteor
Camp Vulcan Survivors (Engineers (19), Risk (Survivors?))
Camp Meteor Nothing to do here Large Crater, Scattered Convoy
Large Crater Free Technology
Scattered Convoy Nothing to do here
Jagged Rocks Free Technology Nansen's Storm Watch
Nansen's Stormwatch Free Technology
Camp Compass Survivors (Engineers (18)) Fortified Hut, Ice Caves
Ice Caves Nothing to do here
Fortified Hut Free Technology

Notes[edit | edit source]

Free Technology[edit | edit source]

  • Boosted Scouts - Large Crater
  • Generator Safety Bypass - Jagged Rocks
  • Advanced Coal Mine - Nansen's Storm Watch
  • House Insulation - Fortified Hut

Scout locations 'The Arks'[edit | edit source]

Location Rewards Discovers
Legacy Your City
Abandoned Supplies steel (28), steam-cores (1) Broken Automaton, Icefall Mine/Mountainside Cave
Broken Automaton Automaton (1) Lost Dreadnought, Icefall Mine/Industrial Ruins
Icefall Mine Coal (201), Steel (88)
Industrial Ruins Coal (204), Steel (126)
Lost Dreadnought Coal (50), Steel (100), Wood (100), Steam-cores (3), Factory technology Cracked Ice, Barren Hollow
Barren Hollow Stepping stone (nothing) Mountainside Cave
Cracked Ice Stepping stone (nothing) Abandoned Sawmill, Snow Crawler
Mountainside Cave Wood (165), Raw-food (45)
Abandoned Sawmill Wood (193)
Snow Crawler Steam-cores (3)
Misty Valley Steel (73), Coal (116) Broken Tree
South Pass Wood (107) Stone Ship, Frozen Pond
Frozen Pond Stepping stone (nothing) Damaged Snowcat, Snowbound Dreadnought
Stone Ship Stepping stone (nothing) Ruined Warehouse, Discarded Equipment
Broken Tree Stepping stone (nothing) Snowy Hill, Steam Lorry
Damaged Snowcat Steel (106)
Snowbound Dreadnought Coal (171), Steel (128), Steam-cores (3)
Ruined Warehouse Raw-food (55), Wood (132)
Discarded Equipment Steel (129), Steam-cores (3)
Snowy Hill Stepping stone (nothing) Isolated Shelter, Research Outpost
Steam Lorry Steel (130), Steam-cores (3)
Isolated Shelter Raw-food (55), Steam-cores (3)
Research Outpost Coal (170), Steam-cores (3)
Expedition Camp Wood (108) Broken Vehicle
Broken Vehicle Steam-cores (1) Observation Tower, Supply Depot
Observation Tower Wood (134) New Manchester, Snow Dune
New Manchester Quest objective
Snow Dune Stepping stone (nothing) Wrecked Vehicle, Manchester Dreadnought
Wrecked Vehicle Coal (138), Steel (78)
Manchester Dreadnought Steel (108), Steam-cores (3)

Information gathered from personal playthrough. Values may vary very slightly for each player.

Scout locations 'The Refugees'[edit | edit source]

Location Rewards Discovers
Sanctuary Your City
Abandoned Camp Wood (49), Steel (23) Hanged Man Hill, Lone Boulder / snow dune / Rock Formation/Barren Hollow
Hanged Man Hill Bury the man OR bury the man + 1 steam-core (curse) 2 of 5: Empty Shelter / Abandoned Sawmill / frozen pond / research outpost / Lone Boulder
Lone Boulder Stepping stone (nothing) Old Storehouse, Research Outpost
Snow Dune ??? Fishing Boat, Aircraft Wreck / Canning Workshop, Snowcat
Empty Shelter Stepping stone (nothing) 2 of 5: Frozen Forest / Iron Bank / Damaged Snowcat / Snow-covered Supplies / Supply Depot
Abandoned Sawmill Wood (177-207)
Frozen Pond Stepping stone (nothing) Frozen Forest, Iron Bank
Research Outpost Coal (305), Steam-core (2) Snowcat, Wrecked Vehicle
Old Storehouse Raw-food (64), Wood (118) Fishing Village, Fishing Boat
Fishing Boat Steel (55), Raw-food (53) Canning Workshop, Fishing Village
Aircraft Wreck Coal (352), Steel (70), Steam-cores (2)
Frozen Forest Wood (121-139) ,Outpost (Wood)
Iron Bank Leave the treasure intact OR Steel (86), Steam-cores (2) Rockslide
Barren Hollow Stepping Stone (nothing) Canning Workshop, Snowcat
Canning Workshop Food Rations (500), Steel (45), Raw-food (36) Fishing Boat, Fishing Village
Snowcat Steel (70), Steam-cores (2) Supply Depot, Abandoned Sawmill
Fishing Village Raw-food (28) (Outpost)
Supply Depot Wood (169), Raw-food (53)
Rockslide Steel (87), Steam-cores (2)
White Pass Workers (37), Engineers (10) Empty Shelter
Trail Bend Engineers (4), Children (15) Ruined Warehouse
Ruined Warehouse Wood (136), Raw-food (64)
Black Spire Workers (38)
Damaged Snowcat Steel (86) Steam Lorry, Wrecked Vehicle
Snow-covered Supplies Raw-food (65-80)
Wrecked Vehicle Steel (64), Coal (248)
Radio Mast Steel (71), Steam-cores (2) Red Flag Camp, Windswept Snowfield / Stone Ship
Stone Ship Stepping stone (nothing) Aircraft Wreck, Steam Lorry
Red Flag Camp Honour Their Request (25 Workers, 15 Engineers, (!)) OR Save them against their will (25 Workers, 15 Engineers)
Coal Mine Take stored coal: Coal (821-940) OR Dismantle: Wood (85), Coal (940), Steam-cores (1)
Steam Lorry Steel (96), Steam-cores (2)
Landing Site Wood (236) Ocean Liner, Icebound Hulks
Ocean Liner Coal (407), Steam-cores (4)
Icebound Hulks Steel (94)
Windswept Snowfield Stepping stone (nothing) Aircraft Wreck, Snowcat

Information gathered froNm personal playthrough. Values may vary very slightly for each player.

Scout locations 'The Fall of Winterhome'[edit | edit source]

Location Rewards Discovers
Winterhome Your City
Coal Mine Possible Outpost (800 Coal/day)
Dreadnought Food Rations (40), Quest objective Cracked Ice
Snow Dune Stepping stone (nothing) Rusting Hulk
Rusting Hulk Steel (165), Steam-cores (1)
Snow Cliff Steam-cores(1) Frozen Pond, Freshwater Spring
Weather Station Bring back engineers (Engineers (20), no more weather forcast) OR leave them there (weather forcast) Lone Boulder
Lone Boulder Stepping stone (nothing) Steel Bridge
Steel Bridge Bring back automaton (Automaton (1), no more outpost at Iron Deposit) OR leave it there (possible outpost at Iron Deposit) Barren Hallow, Iron Deosit
Iron Deposit Steel (206), possible Outpost (200 Steel/day) (if Automaton is still at Steel Bridge)
Barren Hallow Stepping stone (nothing) Storm Shelter
Storm Shelter Bring back engineers (Engineers (20)) OR leave them there (discover a new city later)
Frozen Pond Stepping Stone (nothing) Shrouded Cave
Shrouded Cave Raw Food (115)
Freshwater Spring Raw Food (115) Rock Formation
Rock Formation Stepping Stone (nothing) Frozen Forest
Frozen Forest Wood (344)
Cracked Ice Stepping Stone The Last Camp
The Last Camp Steel (165), Steam-cores (1) Mighty Wreck
Mighty Wreck Steel (204), Steam-cores (1) Stone Ship, Broken Tree
Stone Ship Stepping stone (nothing) Snowy Hill
Snowy Hill Stepping stone (nothing) Abandoned Trailer
Abandoned Trailer Only take what's save to reach (Steel (204), Steam-cores (1)) OR take everything (Steel (394), Steam-cores (2), possible lose scout) OR leave intact
Broken Tree Stepping stone (nothing) Mass Grave
Mass Grave Steam-cores (2)

Notes[edit | edit source]

You need to send your scout to visit engineers at Storm Shelter after day 25 to get the event of a new city.

Trivia[edit | edit source]