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The various Resources are one of the Game Mechanics in Frostpunk.

Types of resources[edit | edit source]

Sources[edit | edit source]

Coal, Wood, Steel, and in The Refugees, Steam Cores, can be gathered from piles on the ground at the start of the game. These piles can be harvested directly by assigning people to them, but building a Gathering Post nearby is more efficient and keeps people warmer, however if you want to harvest a pile quickly, you can do both. These piles are gone for good once empty, however the Coal Thumper can be used to create an infinite supply of coal piles.

Once these piles are gone, you will need to research and build buildings to harvest further resources. The frozen trees around you city can be harvested for Wood using a Sawmill, but once all the trees around it are gone, it will have to be moved. Additionally, coal deposits can be mined for coal with a Coal Mine, iron deposits can be mined for steel with a Steelworks, and the cracks in the wall can be mined for Wood using a Wall Drill.

Numbers and Math[edit | edit source]

The following data is calculated based on the values we see ingame. As these numbers are rounded to 1 decimal place, actual values may differ slightly. Additionally, the numbers are based on the assumption that medium mode provides 100%, whereas easy mode gives more and hardmode gives less.

  • NOTE: Numbers are resources/hour/person, excluding any increases from tech.

Piles[edit | edit source]

Easy (115%) Medium (100%) Hard (85%) Extreme (75%)
Wood 0.46 0.4 0.34 0.30
Steel 0.30666667 0.26666667 0.22666667 0.2
Coal 1.38 1.2 1.02 0.9

Gathering Posts[edit | edit source]

Easy (115%) Medium (100%) Hard (85%) Extreme (75%)
Wood 0.81 0.7 0.6 0.525
Steel 0.58 0.5 0.425 0.375
Coal 2.76 2.4 2.04 1.8

Gathering Posts roughly double the gathering rate compared to piles. There are a few details however:

  1. No matter the amount of piles, the total amount of resources gathered/hour will be the same. (The more piles there are the better, as the post will last longer)
  2. The amount gathered PER resource can vary. Each person will only gather 1 resource. Example below.

Say you have a gathering post at 2 piles, 1 wood, 1 steel. As each post holds 10 people, they will be divided to those 2 piles. This could mean 5 people on wood and 5 people on steel, but it could also mean 2 people on wood and 8 on steel. In theory it could even be a 10/0 ratio. However, this is speculated to be unlikely as that would lose the strength of the Gathering Post.