Pieces of the Past (Arc)

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Pieces of the past is an event arc associated with Endless mode. It allows you to build the Archives.

Ghost on the horizon[edit | edit source]

After the first storm in endless mode, this event will trigger.

Captain, the Beacon lookouts have reported an extraordinary sighting! A Victoria-class dreadnought wreck has been spotted on the horizon. These advanced vehicles were used for the most important tasks.

The news fills our people with nostalgia. "We might find some heirlooms from our past in this hulk ..." says one of the scouts. A worker adds, "We should gather them so that our children remember who we were once. And who we might yet become!"

The wreck has been marked on the map. We should hurry to reach it before the next blizzard covers it forever.

You have the following options:

  • We have to explore it

A place for memories[edit | edit source]

Once you bring back your first Relic, this event will trigger. It will allow you to build the Archives.

The scouts who explored the Victoria-class dreadnought are back with their finds. A curious crowd gathers around them, eager to see what memories of the past they have brought with them.

We should build the Archives to store such heirlooms safely and to allow everybody to see them.

You have the following options:

  • We'll build the archives

Another hulk sighted[edit | edit source]

Additional locations will trigger in Frostlands, three per storm. Each location will trigger this event.

Captain, the lookouts have reported another sighting of a Victoria-class dreadnought wreckage, buried deep in the ice. Should you see fit, we can send scouts to search for more old-world relics among the debris.

You have the following options:

  • I see

The Archives are ready[edit | edit source]

Pieces of the past - The Archives are ready.png

Once you build the Archives, this event will trigger.

The Archives stand tall, clearly visible from every part of the city. People talk about them excitedly, eager to see the first relics of our heritage and recall their past lives.

Whenever we recover something worth preserving we can bring it to the city and add to the collection. It will connect us with the world we left behind ... and let those who come after us know that we were here.

You have the following options:

  • It's a start

The Archives are full[edit | edit source]

Pieces of the past - The Archives are full.png

When you have gained all 15 Relics, this event will trigger.

The recently found relic is safely deposited in the last free place in the Archives. This is a momentous occasion for our city we have managed to save a significant part of our history from destruction.

If we ever find some artifact of comparable importance, which is unlikely, we'll have to find a new place for it. But for now, our task is completed.

You have the following options:

  • Well done