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People are one of the main driving forces of Frostpunk. The game mainly revolves around keeping them alive, healthy, and happy, and they are required to perform the functions of most buildings until Automatons can be secured.

Types of people[edit | edit source]

Workers[edit | edit source]

Workers make up a majority of the people you encounter. They perform simple jobs.

Engineers[edit | edit source]

Engineers are less common, and are required to perform more advanced jobs such as manning Medical Posts and Workshops. However they cannot work in Hunters' Huts or Hunters' Hangars or (except in The Arks scenario) be made Scouts.

Children[edit | edit source]

Children make a small portion of your populace. They are unable to perform any jobs unless the child labour law is signed. Alternatively, they can be put into Child Shelters for a Hope bonus and later employed as medical or engineering apprentices to raise the effectiveness of Infirmaries or Workshops, respectively. Without any of these bills being signed, children do not serve any function but still take up food and housing.

Amputees[edit | edit source]

Amputees are typically only encountered as the result of Radical treatment, frostbite, or a rare event. They cannot work in this form unless given a Prosthetic.