The New Faith (Arc)

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The New Faith is a series of events that will trigger after you pass New Faith.

The night of changes[edit | edit source]

This event will trigger immediately after you pass the law.

Dawn breaks and the streets are silent. You've declared your laws God's will, branding all who oppose you as heretics. Everyone who was a threat to the unity of our city and the New Faith has been dealt with.

Citizens died. The others have renounced their views. Hope will never be a problem again. No one will think in these terms anymore.

You have the following options:

  • It had to be done

Execution Platform[edit | edit source]

The New Faith - Execution Platform.png

The series will begin when your Execution Platform is completed.

Sir, an Execution Platform has been set up by the Generator. Whenever you order it to be put to use, an enemy of the Faith will be executed. This will lower discontent greatly.

The only option you have is the following:

  • I see

A new beginning[edit | edit source]

The New Faith - A new beginning.png

Shortly thereafter, you'll be presented with a story about a family harboring the old faith.

Sir, a group of young men has gathered around a house. They claim that the family living there is harbouring symbols of the old religion. They want to get rid of them in order to purify the city.

The family explains that these are priceless relics from the times before the catastrophe. They want to preserve them.

You'll have two options:

  • Leave the family alone: Discontent will rise.
  • Take their relics: Discontent will fall.

Your decision here will affect the next event.

Branded[edit | edit source]

The New Faith - Branded.png

If you chose "Leave the family alone," in the last event, the next one to trigger will be "Branded." You'll have the following options:

Sir, a man from the family that was allowed to keep their relics as a result of your order is here to talk to you. He says that initially they were left alone, but later someone marked their door with a red X.

Now nobody returns their greetings in the street, people cut in line in front of them, and their children are shunned by their former friends. He asks you to do something about it.

  • You must pay for choosing the past: Discontent will fall slightly.
  • Send the Faith Keepers to clean it: The faith keepers refuse, saying that enemies of the faith must be branded.

Burning faith[edit | edit source]

If you chose "Take their relics" in "A new beginning", the next one to trigger will be "Burning faith." You'll have the following options:

Sir, with your blessing our people walked from home to home, collecting symbols of the old faith to destroy them. This is a new beginning!

A bonfire of books has been started in front of the Generator. Next to it men stomp on porcelain figurines with visible zeal. A few women stand some distance away, crying.

  • Send the Faith Keepers to stop it: Discontent will rise.
  • We need to start anew: Discontent will fall slightly.

Branding the harlot[edit | edit source]

The trigger for this event is having the House Of Pleasure law signed.

Sir, a group of your most faithful devotees has beaten up a woman. A preacher condemned her in a sermon, telling everyone that she's a harlot, that she uses her body not to bear children, but for pleasure. She denied his accusations, but people didn't believe her.

You have the following options:

  • Send the Faith Keepers to punish them: The Faith Keepers refuse to punish people for doing what's right
  • I see

Notes[edit | edit source]

The best decision tree for this event series is "Take their relics" and "We need to start anew." Both options lower discontent.