Lord Craven (Arc)

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Lord Craven is an event arc that triggers at the end of Face the Lords (Arc) in The Refugees.

Lord Craven is here[edit | edit source]

Lord Crave - Lord Craven is here.png

The arc will begin when Lord Craven arrives at the city.

Captain, more than forty children led by a few men have gathered outside our city. They want to be let in, but Lord Craven is with the group. What should we do?

You have the following options:

If you let Lord Craven in, you will trigger Class Conflict (Arc).

Lord Craven sets up camp[edit | edit source]

If you chose to send Lord Craven away, this event will trigger next.

Captain, the lords who were sent away have set up camp outside our city. We don't know what they're up to.

You have the following options:

  • I see: Hope falls

Powerless and terrified[edit | edit source]

Lord Craven - Powerless and terrified.png

If you chose to let Lord Craven into your city, this event will trigger next.

A few lords herd a large group of kids into the city. Lord Craven is with them. He looks around, visibly frightened. He has lost all his power and is at mercy of our people.

The children are unusually quiet. "Most of them are orphans," says one of the lords leading them.

You have the following options:

  • I see

A lynch mob[edit | edit source]

Lord Craven - A lynch mob.png

Shortly after Lord Craven is let in, this event will trigger.

Captain, an angry mob has gathered, outraged by the arrival of Lord Craven. They want his head.

"He'll pay for what he did to our people! He wanted us dead, so death is what he'll get!"

You have the following options:

  • Let them proceed: Lord Craven will be lynched.
  • Stop them: Discontent will rise. Requires an active Guard Station or Faith Keepers

Lord Craven is dead[edit | edit source]

Lord Craven - Lord Craven is dead.png

If you let the mob proceed, Lord Craven will die.

Captain, Lord Craven has been hanged by the angry mob. He was unrepentant till the very end.

"I'd do anything to help my people," he said with his last words. "You'd do the same in my place. You are, in fact, doing it. Don't fool yourself."

You have the following options:

  • I see: Discontent falls.

Unsolicited advice[edit | edit source]

Lord Craven - Unsolicited advice.png

If you stop the mob, Lord Craven will leave the city.

Captain, Lord Craven has left our city! He asked us to pass this note to you.

"I owe my life to you and for that I am grateful. Things have clearly changed you are in charge now and I am not. That means you will become like me. Mark my words power corrupts. Great men are almost always bad men. I would know, I was both."

You have the following options:

  • I see