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Land Dreadnought caught by the Ice

Description[edit | edit source]

Land Dreadnoughts are large tracked steam locomotives that many of the Survivors and Refugees from Britain used to reach Frostland. The immense effort of constructing these gigantic landships, and the city generators, all but bankrupted the British Empire and other surviving powers of Frostlands. The Land Dreadnoughts can move through the harsh conditions of Frostlands, crossing frozen oceans and ice sheets but have sometimes become trapped by shifting terrain or suffered mechanical failures. Abandoned, yet serviceable, Dreadnoughts can also be restored for emergency purposes.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the early concept art for Frostpunk, the Land Dreadnought appears to be a mobile version of a Heat Generator Tower or early Generator prototype. In the game, the Land Dreadnoughts are found abandoned with salvageable parts when scouting across the landscape.
  • While scouting, one can come across a "Victoria Class Dreadnought" sunk in the ice. You can also find the USS Hephaestus, an American Dreadnought.