Hunting Tactics (Technology)

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Hunting Tactics
Hunting Tactics.png
Hunters' Huts will employ fewer people (-5 Workers).
Tier 2
Easy 7 hours
Medium 9 hours
Hard 13 hours
Extreme 15 hours
Prerequisite Hunters' Gear
Wood.png Wood 30
Steel.png Steel 20

Hunting Tactics is one of the Technologies in Frostpunk. It decreases the number of Workers required for Hunter's Huts and Hunter's Hangars from 15 to 10.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Hunting Tactics allows Hunters' Huts to use 10 people instead of 15 with the same efficiency. This also applies to Hunter's Hangars. This effectively increases the Raw Food per Worker ratio by 50%. Although this does not directly increase your raw food output, it does free up 33% of the hunting workforce for other tasks. If desired, the newly available workforce can be employed in yet more hunting jobs, leading to 50% extra raw food, but they can also be employed in other tasks which may be more critical. If you already had a stable raw food supply set up, this technology effectively provides free extra workers. If not, you can construct more hunting buildings and employ the extra workers there.

Hunting Efficiency[edit | edit source]

This table shows the efficiency of various possible hunting setups. The factor can be multiplied by your Worker count to see how much Raw Food they would produce, or you can divide your necessary Raw Food production by this factor to see how many Workers you will need. The worker count necessary to supply the Endless mode starting population of 80 is also shown, as reference.

Building Extra Hunting Technologies Raw Food : Worker ratio Factor Workers needed to provide 40 Raw Food/Night
Hunters' Hut None 15 : 15 1.0 40
Hunters' Gear 20 : 15 1.33... 30
Hunting Tactics 20 : 10 2.0 20
Hunters' Hangar None 30 : 15 2.0 20
Hunting Tactics only 30 : 10 3.0 14 (13.33...)
Flying Hunters' Gear only 45 : 15 3.0 14 (13.33...)
All Hunting Technologies 45 : 10 4.5 9 (8.88...)

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