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Hunters' Gear
Hunters' Gear.png
Thanks to better snowshoes and enhanced camouflage, hunters setting out from the Hunters' Hut will return with more Raw Food from each hunt (up to 20 Raw Food per hunt).
Tier 0
Easy 5 hours
Medium 7 hours
Hard 11 hours
Extreme 13 hours
Wood.png Wood 10

Hunters' Gear is a Tier 0 Technology in Frostpunk. It increases the nightly Raw Food gain from Hunter's Huts from 15 to 20, a 33.3...% increase.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Normally, Hunter's Huts provide 15 raw food each night, from the efforts of 15 Workers. To support the Endless mode starting population of 80 as a reference, who eat 80 Food Rations every day, 40 Raw Food needs to be gathered. This requires at least 40 Workers to be employed in 3 Hunter's Huts, half your population. With this upgrade in place, the necessary 40 raw food can be hunted together by 2 fully staffed Hunter's Huts, taking up only 30 Workers, freeing up 10 to be assigned to new tasks. At the cost of only 10 Wood, it is a very valuable workforce-increasing technology through this effect. Of course, if your City relies on other sources of food, it is less impactful.

Hunting Efficiency[edit | edit source]

This table shows the efficiency of various possible hunting setups. The factor can be multiplied by your Worker count to see how much Raw Food they would produce, or you can divide your necessary Raw Food production by this factor to see how many Workers you will need. The worker count necessary to supply the Endless mode starting population of 80 is also shown, as reference.

Building Extra Hunting Technologies Raw Food : Worker ratio Factor Workers needed to provide 40 Raw Food/Night
Hunters' Hut None 15 : 15 1.0 40
Hunters' Gear 20 : 15 1.33... 30
Hunting Tactics 20 : 10 2.0 20
Hunters' Hangar None 30 : 15 2.0 20
Hunting Tactics only 30 : 10 3.0 14 (13.33...)
Flying Hunters' Gear only 45 : 15 3.0 14 (13.33...)
All Hunting Technologies 45 : 10 4.5 9 (8.88...)

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