Help the Amputees (Arc)

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Help the Amputees is a series of events that gets triggered after the passage of Radical Treatment (Law).

Do less harm[edit | edit source]

Help the Amputees - Do less harm.png

After you have about 10 amputations from Radical Treatment, the first event of the series will trigger.

Sir, a doctor wants to talk to you about improving Radical Treatment.

"I was a field surgeon in the Boer War and worked with the Royal Society to reduce the rate of limb loss in army hospitals. I believe I can devise a method that will cut the number of amputations during Radical Treatment."

You have two options:

  • Give him what he needs: This engineer won't be able to work. Hope will rise slightly.
  • He must go back to work: Hope will fall slightly.

Fewer Amputations[edit | edit source]

Help the Amputees - Fewer amputations.png

If you chose "Give him what he needs" in the previous event, the engineer will return later.

Sir, the doctor who was trying to improve Radical Treatment is here. He is reporting a breakthrough!

"It's certainly an unorthodox method and my learned colleagues would be appalled at the experiments I had to perform... but it works. I expect the number of amputations during Radical Treatment to be halved." He seems eager to get back to his everyday work and try his new method.

You'll only have one option:

  • Well done: The number of amputations during Radical Treatment is halved.

A proud man[edit | edit source]

Help the amputees - A proud man1.png

This event will spawn if you do not have a Care House built. You have two options:

Sir, one of our men insists on living in the street. We've brought him to you so that maybe you can talk some sense into him.

"Look, sir, everything I ever had I earned myself. I'll be damned if I take up space under a roof when I have no way to pay for it. And since I've lost my hand, I can't work, so that's that." He turns to leave, but hesitates, then sighs. "There were homes for people like me in London..."

  • We must build such a home: You will have 5 days to build a care house. Hope will rise slightly
  • It's his choice: Hope will fall slightly.

This event will trigger a Quest to build a Care House.

Cookhouse Helpers[edit | edit source]

Help the Amputees - Cookhouse helpers.png

This event will trigger after you build a Care House and have about 15 amputations.

Sir, a group of amputees is here to see you. They want to help in the Cookhouse.

"We don't want to sit on our arses all day, content with just being kept alive. We can't do hard work anymore, but if we fashion some simple prostheses out of wood, we can help in the Cookhouse and earn our keep."

You have two options:

  • Give them what they need: We will spend 100 wood. Cookhouse efficiency will rise by 40%.
  • Sorry, we can't afford it: Hope will fall slightly.

Note that the first option is only available if you have 100 wood to spend.

Desperate inventor[edit | edit source]

The trigger for this event is unknown.

Sir, we caught an amputee stealing from the stockpiles. He argues that he wants to return to work and wanted to make himself a prosthesis to do so.

"I've lived in a Care House since my accident. I wanted to make myself useful again, so I made this." He proudly presents a crude prosthesis fitted in place of his missing hand. "Now I can finally get back to work! I'm sorry I took the materials, but nobody listened when I asked for them."

You have the following options:

  • Dismantle his gadget for materials: Hope will fall slightly
  • Let him go with a warning: This man will be able to work. Discontent will rise slightly.