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people can become gravely ill from being outside in very cold or below temperature, or by working in unsafe buildings.


the infirmary can cure people who are gravely ill. the dispensary can make gravely ill people into only sick people. if you sign radical treatment, medical posts can cure gravely ill people with a 30% chance of turning them into amputees. the gravely ill can also be put in care houses until you have a method of treating them. if you sign sustain life, gravely ill people can also be kept in medical posts, taking up patient slots. houses of healing can also cure gravely ill people

ADVICE: radical treatment is very much worth the 30% chance of amputation, as its better to house some amputees in care houses than take up space in medical posts. amputees can even be a good thing, as if you get 15 or so you can spend 100 wood to have them raise efficiency of cookhouses by 40%, though this requires a care house to have been built. amputees can also be fixed with the factory, but the gravely ill taking up space in medical posts can only be fixed by building more, building care houses, or curing them. if you send gravely ill people on an expedition and then disband the scout team they will return still gravely ill. while this can be useful in the early game if you are focusing on other laws, be warned that they can very easily die on their way to treatment after they get back to the city.