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The Generator Background.png
The Generator
Build time 0
Base Heating Level 1-4
Wood.png Wood 0
Steel.png Steel 0

"As long as the Furnace was lit, there was hope."

The Generator is one of the most important buildings of the City in Frostpunk, as well as one of two buildings your city starts with. It is the main source of heat and power for your city and its people. The Generator will consume 6 coal per hour (144/day) at its base level.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Heat Generator Tower, or Generator for short, is an enormous steam-powered furnace/engine that is the main source of Heat and Power in your City. Many of your Buildings require heat and power to keep them operational. Buildings that are further away from the Generator require Roads, which hold steam pipes and electrical cables, in order to function. The Generator also works in conjunction with Steam Hubs, when powered by the Generator, these contraptions create additional smaller Heat Zones around them. It also serves as a Refueling Station for Automatons, unless there is any Steam Hubs closer by.

Keep it fed with Coal to stay on and keep your people warm. And if the Generator is destroyed… Then everything is lost…

Lore[edit | edit source]

According to in-game Lore, when the Great Frost first was setting in, the United Kingdom and several other countries sent out expeditions to the North to find out what was going on. Many of these research outposts were equipped with Heat Generator Towers for long-term study to discover what caused this phenomenon.

Levels[edit | edit source]

The Generator has 4 levels. With each progressive steam level, more coal is required, but a great amount of heat is put out over a larger area. This will decrease Discontent while increasing Hope, and will also allow for longer work days without many negative effects. The Overdrive toggle makes the Generator run hotter (+1 heat level, or +2 if Overdrive Couplings has been researched), but this causes the Generator to accumulate stress, which can cause it to explode if it reaches maximum critical level. Stress builds up slower and falls quicker with the Generator Safety Bypass technology.

Changing the heat level at the generator affects all heat zones. It also causes Steam Hubs to consume more coal, just like the Generator does.

Steam level Temperature bonus
in all heat zones
Coal consumption
at range 1
Multiplier Hourly Daily
4 +4 ×4 24 576
3 +3 ×3 18 432
2 +2 ×2 12 288
1 +1 ×1 6 144
Shut down +0 ×0 0 0

Increasing the generator range also increases coal consumption. The following table details hourly consumptions for all generator levels and ranges.

Level →
Range ↓
1 2 3 4
1 6 12 18 24
2 12 24 36 48
3 18 36 54 72
4 24 48 72 96

Events[edit | edit source]

The following Events are associated with the Generator.

The Generator[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Generator (Arc)

This arc is mostly information about the Generator and its use of overdrive, however also includes potentially game ending decisions.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Warning: Generator stress level increases when the Generator is heating up or when the overdrive is on. It decreases when the Generator stops heating up or is shut down. When the stress level reaches 100% the Generator explodes and the game ends.

  • Overdrive doesn't consume any additional coal per hour. It simply increases the existing heat zone temperature up 1 level at the cost of stressing the Generator into failure.
  • Overdrive is best used during the day when there is increased coal usage from heaters and steam hubs. During the night it can be turned off to reduce stress. But it depends on city plan (e.g. If most people are at home during night, overdrive may be used at night and stopped during the day).
  • Overdrive should be saved for when the temperature will drop for only a day or so. Without Generator Safety Bypass, it takes a couple of days to dissipate the stress caused by a day running on overdrive.
  • The first time Generator stress level reaches 100% game will not end immediately and will give player a choice to either sacrifice a Steam Core, children, both of these will decrease stress level to around 75%, the player can also choose to let generator explode and lose.
  • The Generator takes 45 minutes to increase its temperature by one level, but Overdrive-induced heat is applied instantly.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the early concept art for Frostpunk, the Land Dreadnought appears to be a mobile version of a Heat Generator Tower or early Generator prototype.
  • Numbered Generators are: Generator 049, seen in Crags and Generator 358, seen in Canyon.