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Events are one of the Game Mechanics in Frostpunk.

Description[edit | edit source]

Types of Events[edit | edit source]

Child labor -
Open Book of Laws.
Not now.
No roof over our heads - Captain, a few people are concerned about the lack of shelter. Sleeping on the ground raises the risk of falling ill.
Sure, let's set up some tents. - Icon Quest 1.png: I have to provide shelter for at least half of our people in 2 days.
I am not one for half-measures. - Icon Quest 1.png: I have to provide shelter for everyone in 2 days.
Not now.
Child injured in a work accident. -
Give this kid a day off.
Scold the kid for being careless.
Working children - After a recent accident a mother refused to send her child to work - she's afraid he also will get injured. We could let it slide, but wouldn't that be unfair?
Yes, leave him be for now.
No. He must go to work today. - Refusal will slightly lower Hope
Working kids - Captain, people worry about injuries among working kids. Some demand that they are given more food to make them stronger.
It's a great idea! - Working kids will eat double rations and wont be injuried in safe jobs
No, it would be unfair to others.
Frostbite! - Sir, one of our people became gravely ill due to frostbite.
I see.

Trivia[edit | edit source]