Evacuation Centre

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Evacuation Centre Background.png
Evacuation Centre
Evacuation Centre.png
Allows us to send people and resources to the Dreadnought
Size on site (no grid)
Build time 8h
Wood.png Wood 25
Steel.png Steel 45

Evacuation Centre is one of the Buildings in Frostpunk.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The Evacuation Centre is available in The Fall of Winterhome after completing the quest "Examine the Generator." It can then be built from the Tech tab.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Evacuation Center requires the site of an expedition team to operate and is where people are gathered to evacuate Winterhome in groups. It is not yet clear as to whether this structure has a bearing on influencing in-game political decisions as has been illustrated by various reports of different near-end-game texts.