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Effie MacLachlan
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Euphemia "Effie" MacLachlan, a graduate from the illustrious University of Cambridge, was first seen in the recently released The Last Autumn cinematic trailer. Aiming to prove her worth in a world dominated by men by joining the Imperial Exploration Company as Assistant Engineer. Effie is one of the many engineers that has been recently deployed to an unknown location to work on a top-secret project and is controlled by the one and only supreme ruler of the in-game society - the player.

Personal Journal of Euphemia MacLachlan, Assistant Engineer at Imperial Exploration Company: It's been 5 weeks since we have left the familiar walls of Birmingham behind. Weeks of uncertainty. Of struggle. Of hope. And, finally... we have reached the shores... We had three deaths so far. Or "small price for progress" as IEC'd called it. I can only hope I am going to avoid their fate. They've claimed, there was nothing to fear. That our whole journey of ours... was just a precaution. But now... It feels like the weather is changing. And the winter... The winter... seems inevitable.