Drawing Boards (Technology)

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Drawing Boards
Drawing Boards.png
Allow us to research Tier 1 technologies.
Tier 1
Easy 6 hours
Medium 8 hours
Hard 12 hours
Extreme 14 hours
Wood.png Wood 50

Drawing Boards is one of the Technologies in Frostpunk. It is necessary to unlock the second tier of technologies.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Drawing Boards technology is the first of 5 special technologies which do not unlock anything directly related to the game world, but instead allow the researching of other technologies by expanding the Workshops' capacity to research. The technology following Drawing Boards is Drafting Machines. There are no prerequisites to researching Drawing Boards besides having any workshops with working engineers, and 50 Wood.

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WorkshopDrawing BoardsDrafting MachinesMechanical CalculatorsDifference EngineAutomatic Prototyping

Unlocked Technologies[edit | edit source]

The regular technologies unlocked by Drawing Boards are, by technology tab:

Generator Construction Heating Exploration & Industry Resources Food, Health & Shelter
Protective Structures[2] Generator Power Upgrade I (Technology) Automaton Scouts (Technology)[1] Faster Reloading[2] More Foragers[2]
Machine Shop (Technology)[2] Generator Range Upgrade I (Technology) More Scouts (Technology) Reloading Station (Technology) Forager Carts[2]
Ventilation Plant (Technology)[2] Resource Depot Upgrade (Technology) Fishing Harbour (Technology)[2]
Coal Mining (Technology) Hothouse (Technology)
Charcoal Kiln (Technology) Medical Post Upgrade (Technology)
Sawmill (Technology) Bunkhouse (Technology)
Wall Drill (Technology)
Mixed Crews

[1]: exclusive to The Arks
[2]: exclusive to The Last Autumn