Crash Site

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The Crash Site is a scouting location found in the New Home scenario.

Unknown Site, Crash Site[edit | edit source]

Before Arrival: Several wrecked vehicles. No signs of life. They are probably our machines. Let's hope so. We had to leave a number of supplies in them after the crash.

During Arrival: That's where our expedition was split up when our vehicles crashed during a snowstorm. Some of our precious supplies should be here.

Fate of the forgotten: There are plenty of priceless supplies in the wrecks of our expedition. Searching among the crates scattered in the snow behind the wrecks, we found the bodies. They're tangled together in a single frozen mass, as if these people were trying to find at least a bit of warmth just before they died. We can do nothing for them, not even bury them.

After Arrival: The empty hulls of our vehicles that crashed during a blizzard. We've already salvaged everything of value from them.