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Abilities are actions you can take on a per-Building basis for a desired effect. Many Abilities require a specific Law to be signed before they can be used.

Alternative Food Source[edit | edit source]

Every dead body will be processed into 15 Raw Food.

Alternative Food Source Icon.png
  • Usage: Cookhouse
  • Cooldown: 4d
  • Negative Effect:
    • Chance to raise discontent.
    • Chance to lower hope.

This ability is only available after the completion of the Alternative Food Source arc.

Captain's Words[edit | edit source]

Our Faith Keepers will knock on every door to spread the word of our Captain and make sure it is obeyed.

Captain's Words Icon.png

Ceremonial Service[edit | edit source]

A long, ceremonial sermon will be delivered at the Temple

Ceremonial Service Icon.png

Emergency Repair[edit | edit source]

Advance Generator repair by 10%.

Emergency Repair Icon.png

Note: repair can be increased by another 10% by researching Emergency Repair II (Technology). This is only available in The Fall of Winterhome.

Emergency Shift[edit | edit source]

People will work for the next 24 hours.

Emergency Shift Icon.png
  • Usage: Any building with an adjustable shift
  • Cooldown: 2d
  • Negative effect: Discontent will rise, chance of workers dying in accidents during emergency shifts

Note: workers will not die during emergency shifts if you choose to spend rations to activate emergency shifts in the Emergency Shift arc. This adds a cost of 5 Food Rations.

Evening Prayers[edit | edit source]

An Evening service will be held in places of worship. People will gather together to talk and pray. Food will be distributed among the participants

Evening Prayers Icon.png

Extra Rations[edit | edit source]

10 Food Rations will be given to patients to speed up their recovery.

Extra Rations Icon.png
  • Usage: Medical Post, Infirmary, House of Healing
  • Cost: 10 Food Rations
  • Cooldown: 1d
  • Positive Effect: the medical facility will gain a 50% boost to its base efficiency (i.e. bonuses from agitators/shrines and Organ Transplant improve the benifit of Extra Rations) for 1 day. This shortens the time patients need to spend in treatment.

Forceful Persuasion[edit | edit source]

Prison guards will use force to convince some prisoners to mend their wicked ways.

Forceful Persuasion Icon.png
  • Usage: Prison
  • Cooldown: 1d
  • Positive Effect: Persuaded convicts will be released from prison.
  • Negative Effects:
    • People may be hurt or killed.
    • Hope will fall drastically.

Foreman[edit | edit source]

A foreman will ensure that everybody at this facility works to the best of their ability. You will have to provide the foreman with food.

Foreman Icon.png
  • Usage: Any building with an adjustable shift.
  • Cost: 10 Food Rations
  • Cooldown: 2d
  • Positive Effect: Workplace efficiency will rise by 40%

Nighttime Procession[edit | edit source]

Faith Keepers will gather our people together and lead them in a procession

Nighttime Procession Icon.png
  • Usage: Faith Keepers
  • Cooldown: 3d
  • Positive Effect: Discontent will fall when the procession starts after midnight

Patrol[edit | edit source]

Guards will patrol the streets near their Guard Stations to maintain law and order. You'll have to provide them with extra food for their efforts.

Patrol Icon.png
  • Usage: Guard Station
  • Cooldown: 1d
  • Positive Effects:
    • Discontent will fall.
    • Hope will rise slightly.

Propaganda Bulletin[edit | edit source]

A news bulletin delivered to every household will reassure people that we are protecting our city by maintaining order.

Propaganda Bulletin Icon.png

Public Execution[edit | edit source]

If New Faith: An enemy of the Faith will be executed. This is what happens to those who endanger our city.

Public Execution Icon.png

If New Order: A public enemy will be executed. This is what happens to those who endanger our city.

  • Usage: Execution Platform
  • Cooldown: 2d
  • Positive Effect: Discontent will fall greatly
  • Negative Effect: One person will die

Note: Public execution by and large only executes male adult citizens. Women can be executed, but it is rare. Due to this, there may be a situation where an execution occurs but no eligible citizens die.

Public Penance[edit | edit source]

Public Penance will take place. Those who admit their wrongdoings and show remorse will be forgiven

Public Penance Icon.png
  • Usage: Faith Keepers
  • Cooldown: 3d
  • Positive Effect:
    • Hope will rise when the ceremony begins.
    • Discontent will fall when the ceremony begins.
  • Negative Effect: People may be injured.

Roundup[edit | edit source]

Prison guards will roundup wrongdoers and put them in prison. They'll go after Londoners, dissidents and any other troublemakers. Prisoners will be returned to society after 3 days.

Roundup Icon.png
  • Usage: Prison
  • Cooldown: 1d
  • Positive effect:
    • Londoners and other wrongdoers will be locked up (max 10 prisoners/time)
    • Discontent will fall

Sermon[edit | edit source]

A short sermon will be preached in places of worship

Sermon Icon.png

Note: If New Faith is passed, the effect of this ability will be "Discontent will fall slightly."

Triage[edit | edit source]

We`ll be able to dedicate all our efforts to healing those who can recover quickly at the cost of sacrificing the more severely ill

Triage Icon.png
  • Positive effect:
    • 50% of the sick will be healed
  • Negative effect:
    • Discontent will rise with every death
    • Discontent will rise with every use
  • Note:
    • 25% of the sick will die instantly
    • 25% will remain sick

Utilise the Dead[edit | edit source]

Three bodies will be used to enrich the soil and speed up plant growth

Utilise the Dead Icon.png

This is only available with Organic Fertiliser passed.