Bunkhouse (Technology)

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Allow us to build Bunkhouses.
Tier 1
Buildings Bunkhouse
Easy 6 hours
Medium 8 hours
Hard 12 hours
Extreme 14 hours
Wood.png Wood 20
Steel.png Steel 10

Bunkhouse is one of the Technologies in Frostpunk. It is a tier 1 technology, and needs Drawing Boards researched to be available for research. This technology is found under the "Food, Health & Shelter" tech tab.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Allows the building of the Bunkhouse, the second tier of shelter for People to sleep in at night. The Bunkhouse still only houses 10 people, but has improved insulation compared to its predecessor, the Tent. It costs 20 Wood and 10 Steel to construct, whereas the Tent only costs 10 Wood, which makes it significantly more expensive initially. Upgrading an existing Tent is cheaper than constructing a new Bunkhouse by 10 Wood, since that is the cost of the initial tent. However, the higher insulation both protects its inhabitants from the cold, reducing the chance of Sickness, and reducing the need for heating by the Generator or Steam Hubs, which in turn saves on Coal. This advantage lets the Bunkhouse become more valuable the earlier and longer it is used. Surviving the first few storms may require Bunkhouses for the insulation, if strong heating is unavailable.

Enables the research of Cookhouse Insulation and House. The Cookhouse Insulation increases the heat level of all Cookhouses by 1. The House is the third and final tier of shelter. To research these technologies you will also need to have Drafting Machines and Mechanical Calculators researched respectively, since they are tier 2 and tier 3 technologies.