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This page lists Achievements for Frostpunk. There are currently 39 main achievements and 10 hidden achievements.

Main achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement Description Notes
Advanced Designs.jpg Advanced Designs Have an Advanced Coal Mine, Advanced Wall Drill and Advanced Steelworks at the same time
Autonomous City.jpg Autonomous City In a city of at least 200, have automatons working in more than half of workplaces
Bad at Politics.jpg Bad at Politics Keep every promise made during a playthrough
Better than London.jpg Better than London Finish a playthrough without building a single Tent TIP: The Arks
Bread and Games.jpg Bread and Games In a city of at least 200 people, ensure everyone has access to the Public House and a Fighting Arena
Built to Serve.jpg Built to Serve Build an automaton
Carnivore.jpg Carnivore Having a choice, finish a scenario using only Hunters
Central Heating.jpg Central Heating Finish a scenario without building a single Steam Hub
Charcoaled.jpg Charcoaled Finish a playthrough with Charcoal Kilns as the only buildings that provide Coal You are allowed to harvest coal piles with a Gathering Post and use Outposts that provide coal.
City of Man.jpg City of Man Have more than 650 people in the city at the same time Easiest to do on The Refugees scenario
City of Steam.jpg City of Steam Have 15 automatons at the same time
Compassionate.jpg Compassionate In the New Home scenario, accept all groups of refugees
Conservationist.jpg Conservationist Save all the Seedling Arks in The Arks scenario
Expats.jpg Expats Set up 2 Outposts in one playthrough
Hyperefficient.jpg Hyperefficient Have a workplace with efficiency greater than ... [200%] You can get this achievement by boosting infirmaries. Go for the laws:
  1. Child shelters -> Medic helpers
  2. Sustain life -> Double Rations for the Ill
  3. Corpse disposal -> Organ transplantation
  4. Agitators (Order Tree)
  5. Foremen (Order Tree)

plus develop all the techs which boost the infirmaries. The end-result should be more than 240% efficiency!

Iron Man (New Home).jpg Iron Man (New Home) Finish the New Home scenario on Hard difficulty
Iron Man (Refugees).jpg Iron Man (Refugees) Finish the Refugees scenario on Hard difficulty
Iron Man (The Arks).jpg Iron Man (The Arks) Finish The Arks scenario on Hard difficulty
Leader.jpg Leader Finish the New Home scenario
Lost Souls.jpg Lost Souls In the New Home scenario, save every person in Frostland Currently seems to be bugged and awarded early. With no deaths and saving all survivors, you should end with 692 people.
Once More unto the Breach.jpg Once More unto the Breach Provide an amputee with a prosthesis
Oxbridge.jpg Oxbridge Have 4 Workshops doing research at the same time
Politician.jpg Politician Stay in power after your people threatened to overthrow you
Power Overwhelming.jpg Power Overwhelming Have a fully upgraded Generator (power, range and overdrive)
Promised Land.jpg Promised Land Have maximum hope and no discontent
Refugee.jpg Refugee Finish the Refugees scenario
Satellites.jpg Satellites Finish a scenario never expanding the range of the Generator
Search and Rescue.jpg Search and Rescue Rescue all of your people coming to the City
Shai Hulud Summoner.jpg Shai Hulud Summoner Have 4 Coal Thumpers working at the same time
Technocrat.jpg Technocrat Finish The Arks scenario
The Iron Saviour.jpg The Iron Saviour Finish the New Home scenario with no deaths from cold, hunger, sickness or overwork on Hard difficulty Its advised to save before storm as people can easily die during it
The Saviour.jpg The Saviour Finish the New Home scenario with no deaths from cold, hunger, sickness or overwork Currently seems to be bugged and awarded upon completing the scenario regardless.
Tis but a Scratch.jpg Tis but a Scratch Finish a playthrough without an Infirmary or House of Healing Best to do on The Arks with Radical Treatment (Law)
United.jpg United In the New Home scenario, don't let anyone leave for London
Unskilled Labour.jpg Unskilled Labour Finish any scenario without constructing Steam or Advanced buildings A bit misleading description by the game. It is meant not to build any upgraded versions of any resource producing building (including foodproduction). Better houses, infirmaries, regular hothouses, charcoal kilns, regular walldrills, outposts, factories are fine.
Urban Planner.jpg Urban Planner Have 300 people living in the heat zone of a single Steam Hub This does not require the road trick. If you have the maximum amount of buildings in the radius and aren't getting the achievement, try switching the steam hub to range 1 and back to 2.
Vegetarian.jpg Vegetarian Having a choice, finish a scenario using only Hothouses
Worse than London.jpg Worse than London Finish a playthrough without building a single House or Bunkhouse I recommend trying it on The Refugees scenario.

Hidden achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement Description Notes
Banksy.jpg Banksy Deal with the Londoners' graffiti peacefully New Home scenario:
  1. Reach Winterhome.
  2. Low discontent.
  3. Low hope (I had mine around 25-30%).
  4. Get Order -> Guard Towers (there also might be other options which work).

Keep your hope low and your discontent lower to trigger graffiti events. Ask Guards to clean it up. Repeat. Keep repeating until your cleaners get attacked right after they go to clean the graffiti and THEN choose the top option to send guards to keep watch over the streets.

After a little while you'll get another event where villagers voice their agreement with your decision and that's when the achievement will pop.

Everybody Lived for Once.jpg Everybody Lived for Once Finish The Arks scenario, saving both cities
Golden Path.jpg Golden Path Finish the New Home scenario without crossing the line It is possible to get "we didn't cross the line" in the end scene and not get this achievement. After testing, the only thing that may block from Adaption would be Child Labour and Food Additives which I haven't tested.

Order: Do not get Pledge of Loyalty or Forceful Persuasion.
Faith: Do not get Faith Keepers (they may be alright and Public Penance is the issue) or Righteous Denunciation.

Do not get condemn from your population, e.g., "No roof over our heads." If you see "A Word of Advice," you need to restart your game.

My Turn to Speak.jpg My Turn to Speak Let the Londoners speak and have the last word New Home scenario:
  1. You need to keep the discontent over 25% (keep it around 50% to be sure) during the Londoner storyline.
  2. Let the protesters always speak.
  3. After a couple of times you can choose the option to speak back which triggers the achievement.
Negotiator.jpg Negotiator Deal with the Londoners' thievery peacefully You get this achievement during the thievery events when you take the option "Let him go, he's not the Murderer" after a successful investigation. This option is only available if a guard was murdered before. Therefore you always need to send out your guards when something happen in your city to maximise the probability of a deadly incident (Keep savepoints, as it is not always the case that someone dies).
Please, Sir, I Want Some More.jpg Please, Sir, I Want Some More Give child workers extra rations Accept double food for working children
Sprinter.jpg Sprinter Find New Manchester before Day 15 New Manchester is to the east in The Arks. You need to complete the "Autonomous city" quest before day 12. One day after completion of the quest, an event occurs where a man is running towards your city. Have a scout (or an Automaton scout) with fully upgraded speed ready at your city and send them to intercept the man, and New Manchester will be revealed once he arrives.

If you don't complete Autonomous City in time, the man will appear automatically at day 14 at 10am. However, at this point even fully-upgraded scouts will take a day and a half to reach New Manchester, so this will be too late.

The Scientific Method, vol. 1.jpg The Scientific Method, vol. 1 Finish the Automaton Project Once you have an automaton, you will eventually be approached by an engineer who wants to study them. Accept his request and all subsequent requests.
The Scientific Method, vol. 2.jpg The Scientific Method, vol. 2 Improve Radical Treatment If you enacted Radical treatment, you will eventually be approached by an engineer who wants to try something. Accept their request and all subsequent requests.
The Union.jpg The Union Finish the Refugees scenario, accepting all the lords and resolving the class conflict
Unknown Ship.jpg Unknown Ship Find the unknown ship in Frostland Found somewhere in The Refugees